Based on the current rates of deportation, more than two million people will have been deported by the Obama administration by 2014, more than any other administration in American history. 

Deportees can go from having respectable, comfortable lives in America to being broke and homeless in as little as ten days. 

About 40% of Mexican deportees are sent back through Tijuana.

It is here, just 30 minutes south of San Diego, that daily, thousands of human beings are lost in the mix of a geo-politically changing world with no economic resources, no family support, no roof over their head, and not a dollar to their name.

No one wants to claim responsibility for a population of people perpetually stuck in transition. 

Rejected and forgotten, the deported population will rapidly grow the ever-increasing number of homeless and addicts in the vacuum that is "La Frontera."



 This is where the Deportee Conservation Core comes in.

The core of the DCC is community-run and community-based projects. 

Deportees will alleviate Tijuana’s stressed infrastructure, and promote conservation through repurposing trash within the border region and its watershed. 

The goals of the DCC are as follows:

1. Establish vocational programs directed toward the source management of solid waste and sustainable infill development

2. Build interdisciplinary skill sets

3. Promote Conservation and environmental stewardship

4. Provide economic stimulus

5. Enrich the lives of the US-Tijuana border region