It all starts here at home. The Border Impact Bond is a pragmatic initiative with accomplishable goals that will re-write the human narrative.
To have significant impact on cross-border flows of solid-waste, we must scale our work up rapidly and provide the kind of consistency and follow through required for real change. To reach that kind of scale, we will need to provide a return for large scale investment.


Our plan reduces waste flow by 17% annually. Working off our $1.8M baseline, the state of California will guarantee an input of $10.8M over six-years with impact investment capital catalyzing $3M in community-led projects. After 6 years, we will save a total of $6.3M to the state, with investors receiving $3.15M in re-imbursement payments.
There is a huge opportunity to re-imagine neighborhoods, beautify them and make them safer for much much less with innovative recycling and re-use programs. All while creating jobs that increase quality of life in the historically ignored corners of our border society.


Help us to create a significant impact